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Never say we die

18 March 1987
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I'm a twenty-year-old-but-in-denial girl, whose current career plans revolve around staying in full time education for just as long as I can con people into lending me money for food and cardboard boxes. I'm a Christian—evangelical by type, RP by denomination. As well as that, I'm a writer, a scientist, a dreamer, a cynic; I love music and history and art, but my grasp of geography is minimal (read: can usually tell right from left, but after that things get interesting). My university subject is maths, but it could just as easily have been English Lit. I come from Northern Ireland ("No I'm not Irish...not really British either...yes I know it's confusing") and so am slightly allergic to politics. This will occasionally break out in the form of rants, which will probably be incomprehensible to most people who haven't grown up here. I'm frightened of almost everything it's possible to be afraid of, except for clowns (have never really been able to understand that one) and I like to eat pasta, chocolate and the little broken crumbly bits at the bottom of cereal boxes.

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My interests list pretty much gives away my fandoms: The Lord of the Rings was not my first love, but it is my greatest =) On the other hand, I'll read pretty much anything that comes my way, from Austen to Verne via Goudge and James and Norton and Shakespeare. Books I have been moderately to very interested in include the Narnia series, the Discworld novels, anything by Dorothy Seyers, Agatha Christie or Georgette Heyer, the Winterking's War trilogy, Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time and sequel, the various Brontë novels and the Vorkosigan and Harry Potter series.
At the moment the biggest film-fandom in my life is Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's likely to stay that way for quite some time: it combines the beautifulness of Orlando Bloom and the general awesomeness of Johnny Depp with eighteenth century costumes and ships and funnyness, so what's not to love? (Okay, I could answer that, but I won't.)

I'm a purist when it comes to book adaptations, a canon-stickler when it comes to fanfiction (although the muse has shown a disturbing tendency to AU on some occasions) and a general Brit-picker and error-spotter when it comes to...anything, really. Possibly as a consequence of this (or is it a cause? I haven't analysed which way around it goes...) I ship only where the author intended a ship—or at least, where a ship hasn't been negated or is completely unrealistic. Yay for Harry/Ginny, double yay for Remus/Tonks, much yay for Will/Elizabeth, yay for Aragorn/Arwen but not much yay for Legolas/anyone-mentioned-in-the-book. And no yay at all for any Mary Sue, in any shape or form.

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Well, apparently I've changed House over the past year or two...I always said I was a Ravenclaw.

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